ÈnervÉ is inspired by the sensual, edgy and provocative side of fashion incorporating Urban, Goth and Rock & Roll lifestyles into a couture collection for women. ÈnervÉ embraces hard flamboyant colors into designs to deliver an awe inspiring collection of jackets, dresses, blouses, suits and skirts to release an element of surprise in all the designs.


Collection created by Michael Porter in the Spring/Summer of 2010, ÈnervÉ quickly achieved recognition in the fashion industry by incorporating fabrics such as leather, silk, satin, vinyl and chamois with materials like metal chains and handcuffs to energize fashion for women all around the world. Constantly staying on the cutting edge of fashion ÈnervÉ will continue to bring you fashion that will make you want more and more…welcome to ÈnervÉ Fashion on Edge!